Heres Attraction Marketing Help To Build Your MLM Business

Seeking out the best attraction marketing help will prove to be the best education you can give yourself towards building your MLM business.

When we look at the best network marketing strategies for effective results today, attraction marketing and leadership tops the list.  If you don't understand this concept, you will have a had time getting your MLM business up and running.

Older methods are why the network marketing industry has a negative reputation.  “Old School”, as it’s termed in the industry, begins with making that dreaded list of 100 family and friends that you are going to share your MLM business opportunity with.  You begin to go down your list, one by one, calling them and asking them to take a look at your business and products.  You are hoping to make sales and find people who want to market the business with you. 

Without getting the attraction marketing help necessary to do something other than old school strategies, you’re more likely to fall into the role of a salesman and pusher your MLM products and services rather than truly helping people solve their problems.

And, you're asking people who have no desire or interest to invest in your MLM business.  Do you like it when people do that to you?  I'm betting no.

It’s not effective today.  Plain and simple.

Enter Attraction Marketing. 

It’s called attraction marketing because the marketing strategies, content and value you put out there for the universe to feed off of “attracts” people to you. 

And, it attracts the RIGHT people.  The right people are people looking for what you have to offer.  That being, a solution to their problem.  It attracts people who WANT to learn how to have a successful home based business. 

You put the two together, and your phone rings.  People join your MLM business.  It works like this.

When you do your marketing, you brand you.  YOU, Inc. , not your MLM business.  You create your own website with your videos and pictures and in all your marketing follow up, you provide value to people. 

“What is value?”

Value is what you have to give away and teach and share that will help people get what THEY want.  What they are wanting is answers, help, solutions, “know how”, and to connect and resonate with others who have what they want.

“What are some examples?”

This article is an example.  I’m educating people on the differences between old school and new school attraction marketing strategies and helping MLM business owners understand why making a list of 100 people is not effective.  It keeps them from making that mistake and understanding why they will get zero results if they attempt that.

Teaching and sharing information on anything related to building a business in general, not just MLM.    Things like:

List building
lead capture pages
video marketing
making hub pages
squidoo lenses
using video
article marketing
building websites
explaining terminology
attraction marketing
mentoring and coaching

You name it, it’s value.

“How do I get the value, or content, online?”

You can distribute your value or “content” as we call it in the industry, through the same media I mentioned above.  Having a central location for most of it on a blog, like this one, is a good “hub” where people can come back to to learn.  They will discover on their own that you are marketing MLM and if they like you, they very well may want to partner with you in your business and they'll join automatically or they'll call you for some questions before they get started.

Now that I’ve shed some light on attraction marketing, think about yourself and your own life experiences.  See if this doesn’t make sense.  See if the below senario makes sense.

You are searching for ‘Know How" on something you want to do.  You have a bunch of questions.  You come across someone, let’s call him John, who says, “Hey, I’ll help answer that question”.  And he does.  You are thankful.  You have another question.  John helps you again. 

Let me ask you how you feel about John.  Do you want to be closer to John?  Do you want to hang out with John more because he is a guy that really pays it forward, he’s helpful and knowledgeable on the same topic you are learning and . . .  he’s nice? 

Of course.

And that’s a perfect example of attraction marketing.  Now let’s take it a step further and change the circumstances. 

Let’s say the thing you were looking for was help on how to start a business.  John was helping you understand where to go to get good resources for learning about marketing and building websites and he explained how the automation process worked.  He even gave you his youtube channel where you could watch some of his videos and get to know him a little better.   You see how he operates and are impressed.  He seems very approachable and helpful.  So, you ask John what company he’s an affiliate for.   He’s in xyz company.  Ok, you want to be partners with John so you join xyz company with him.  

That’s how it works.

Isn’t that a better way of marketing rather than to hound family, friends and strangers who are not even considering MLM?  The difference is night and day.

Mike Dillards, Magnetic Sponsoring is a beautifully laid out plan for attraction marketing.  He’s created a 7 Day Bootcamp to help you understand attraction marketing which will be valuable to you in your MLM business.  It’s totally free.  For the line up on what he teaches during the 7 days, visit Magnetic Sponsoring 7 Day Bootcamp


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